I have more lightness, optimism and peace in me. Justine reflects warmth, intelligence and kindness around her, and her expertise in Ayurveda is impressive. I feel now more whole as a person.

Justine is a real expert in what she does and I love all her locally made products. One of my favorites are the magnesium spray and ghee.
— Chantal

Two weeks after the ghee cleanse, I have enjoyed the feeling of zero craving for sweet treats, coffee or alcohol. I have been able to keep calm on situations where I used to be annoyed. I can let go of over future thoughts and live in the present.

I’m really looking forward to experience further effects of the cleanse, I will keep you posted.
— Meri

The ghee detox was positively effective. It improved my sleep, ability to relax and increased appetite.
— Silvano

I love Prasad´s products ! Justine is a real professional on creating wellness products from local plants and nature.
— Leticia