Ayurveda for Nordic Lifestyle

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that has been traced back to 5,000 BCE and has it's roots in India.



Fire  & Water

Elements:  fire (tejas) + water (aap)

Qualities:  sharp, hot, oily, smooth, mobile

Season:  late spring thru summer

Nature: sun

Main Location:  small intestines

Pitta is responsible for digestion and transformation. Pitta is the heat that transforms food, thoughts and physical exertion into energy. Pitta is the medium and agni (digestive fire) is the content, so the state of pitta dosha determines whether a person digests food properly.

pita dosha prasad



vata dosha prasad.jpg

Air & Ether

Elements:   air (vayu) + ether (akash)

Qualities:  dry, light, cold, mobile, rough

Season:  fall thru mid-winter

Nature:  wind

Main Location:  colon

Vata is often introduced as the “leader of the ayurvedic doshas” because it is crucial for all movements of the body. Without vata, pitta and kapha are stagnant. Heart beat, blinking eyes, walking, elimination and circulation, are all governed by vata.



Water & Earth

Elements:   water (aap) + earth (prithvi)

Qualities:   heavy, cold, wet, oily, static

Season:  winter – early   spring

Nature:   moon

Main Location:   stomach + lungs

Kapha is often introduced as the “biological strength and vitality” of all the doshas, because it is crucial for structure and lubrication within the body. It is the sturring force within the body and governs immune function. Lubrication of the brain, joints, reproductive organs, tissues and skin are due to kapha. Without kapha, our bodies would shrivel like raisins.

kapha dosha prasad

ayurveda for nordic lifestyle