Justine Cederberg, the founder and proprietor of PRASAD, is an Ayurvedic consultant and Herbalist. Born in Canada, she lives in Porvoo, Finland.

Her passion for the botanical realm stems from her time living and working on a farm, where she developed a practical and ever-deepening relationship with plants and herbs. Her knowledge of plants encompass both the traditional European herbal, Native American and Ayurvedic tradition.

Justine has studied Ayurveda and Yoga extensively in U.S.A. and Finland. Her teachers include Western and Indian doctors and practitioners, Dr. Partap Chauhan, Dr.Arun Gupta, Dr.Bhawna Sharma, Richard Haynes, Gianna Piccardo, Sajah Popham and Sarah Joy Marsh. Justine’s Ayurvedic offerings focus on "Ayurveda for Nordic Lifestyle", taking into account the Finnish climate and Western traditional medicine.

Justine teaches at the Ayurvedic Institute of Finland and offers consultations and classes in Porvoo and Helsinki.

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