Take your health into your own hands


Ayurvedic principles and nutrition according to the time-honored and holistic path of Ayurveda.  During your 60 minute consultation you will receive pulse and tongue diagnosis, then learn how to understand your constitution. This information can help you to find your unique state of balanced health and fight off disease.

A daily rhythm, diet, and exercise plan will be designed specifically for you. We will discuss how to use Indian spices and Nordic food as “medicine,” as well how to improve digestion and increase immunity through simple Ayurvedic recipes and remedies.

Justine inquires into family ancestry to understand your individual genetic make up. Emotional balance and constitution are also closely reviewed to match herbs to a person, rather than to a disease.

Justine takes into account Western alternative medicine and can work with those currently on a special diet. Her recommendations are based on Nepalese Ayurveda, where the colder climate can allow for more fats and proteins.


The consultation includes:

  • a descriptive email letter including key points from the consultation

  • email Q & A

  • follow up emails to keep you on track

  • recommendation of handmade or ethically and organically sourced remedies, including Indian and Western herbs.

Many remedies are handmade and wild harvested by Justine and her company PRASAD.



Ayurveda Consultation €95. 60 mins.

Follow Up Consultation €50. 30 mins.


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